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How To Form A Ltd & Co KG Company In Germany

If you own a private limited company registered in the UK and want to open a branch office in Germany, then forming a Ltd & Co KG would be a feasible option, as you can reduce the risk of personal liabilities.

Ltd & Co KG is much like the GmbH, which is the German version of the Ltd KG, but the registration process of the latter is much quicker. You can enjoy the full benefits of an LLC, but with just a capital requirement of 1 EUR instead of 25,000 EUR needed to start an LLC. You have absolutely no personal liability risk for debts of the company. A formations company such as the likes of Panlegis can get your Ltd & Co KG registered within the day, thereby doing away with the waiting time that it takes to process the documents.

Anyone with a good business venture but wanting to limit personal liabilities would benefit from the Ltd & Co KG. There are several other benefits that one can avail oneself of when forming a Ltd KG. With companies like Panlegis to help you acquire quick registrations of overseas branches without using the expensive services of lawyers and consultants, you can get a Ltd & Co KG registered in a matter of hours. Why let the burden of personal liability weigh you down? Get a branch office registered in Germany today with a minimum investment but with a huge number of benefits to enjoy. If you are already thinking about it, but cannot find a formations company to get ahead with your plans, you can begin by looking online, as there are several to be found on the Internet. For starters, you might want to take a try with Panlegis.



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