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Requirements For Setting Up NUF Company In Norway

To begin with, only a private limited company registered in England or elsewhere in the EU may register the NUF selskap. When you register your NUF, you will be handed over a Norwegian organization number, which will be required for all kinds of documentation, letters and notices that concern the branch office. Apart from this, the documents must have the name of the NUF, its business type and the name and address of the head office including its country of registration. Your NUF selskap must be in operation for at least over six months for it to be a valid branch.

The NUF according to Norwegian company laws must maintain their accounts, as an annual audit is necessary, which must be submitted in Norwegian and shown in NOK (Norwegian currency). An operative NUF selskap is liable to pay tax in Norway irrespective of the fact that its main office is registered in another country. You need to hire an auditor who will maintain details of all accounts in accordance to Norwegian bookkeeping laws. However if your NUF does not have an annual turnover exceeding NOK5 million, you do not need to hire an auditor for your annual audits.

For a more detailed structure of the applicable rules and regulations, tax liabilities and other company laws, it is advisable to consult a company formations agency like Panlegis. They will not only guide you the right way, but will also help you acquire a proper and legal registration as well as aid in setting up your NUF successfully in Norway.



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